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SolaTone Electrolarynx
SolaTone Electrolarynx

SolaTone Electrolarynx

Your Price: $569.00
Part Number:GRIFFIN K276

The SolaTone Electrolarynx is a sound producing device that comfortably fits near your stoma allowing you to produce sound and create a voice.  This device is crucial for patients that have had a laryngectomy.  It is battery powered, lightweight and worn around the neck, easy to operate this device will allow you to communicate with the world once again.


  • SolaTone Electrolarynx Features:
  • Quality sound
  • Lightweight (4.5 oz)
  • 1.34”x 4.12”
  • Single-Tone button
  • Standard 9 volt battery
  • Includes oral Adapter and straws
  • Good volume range

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