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NebPak UltraSonic Nebulizer Green Camo
NebPak UltraSonic Nebulizer Green Camo

NebPak UltraSonic Nebulizer

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The NebPak UltraSonic Nebulizer is a portable handheld nebulizer designed to provide fast and effective aerosol medication for respiratory treatments. This lightweight handheld device transforms liquid medications into a fine mist with a particle size of 1 to 10 microns. This versatile unit has 3 different power source options and 3 different speed settings, which makes it easy to take this unit on the go and provides greater control over the administration of respiratory medications. This attractive nebulizer also comes with a matching carrying case that was designed to appeal to kids, teens, and young adults who can easily carry this unit with them at home and at school.


  • Aerosol delivery system for advanced medication therapy
  • Quick treatment time of less than 6 minutes (for most medications)
  • Portable handheld design
  • Child friendly camouflage design
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Provides 3 different nebulization rates
  • Option of using 3 different power source options
  • Includes an attractive carrying bag
  • Available by prescription only


  • This unit is used to convert liquid medications into a fine mist to enhance the delivery and efficiency of respiratory treatments. This unit features an attractive kid-friendly design to help make nebulizer treatments more appealing for children, teens, and young adults that lead an active lifestyle and are constantly on the go.
  • Benefits of using this unit:
  • Winner of the 2011 Providers Choice Award
  • Quick and efficient six (6) minute delivery time for most types of medications (thicker medications will take longer to nebulizer).
  • Quieter operation allows for more discreet treatments.
  • Choice of using four (4) different methods of delivery; 1 – the mouth piece, 2 – the extension tube with adult mask, 3 – extension tube with child mask, or 4 – the nasal piece. (For instructions on using each of these delivery options, please refer to page #4 of the instruction manual that accompanies this product.)
  • Enhanced treatment control using the adjustable airflow and nebulization rates that have three (3) different airflow settings (high, medium, and low).
  • Option of using three (3) different power sources, which allows users to receive treatments anytime and anywhere they need; use the AC wall adapter, DC car adapter, or rechargeable battery pack. (For instruction on how to use each of these power sources, please refer to page #5 of the instruction manual accompanying this device.)
  • Fully charged battery provides at least 20-30 minutes of continuous usage (and you can extend the lifetime of the battery by only charging the battery when the low-battery light flashes).
  • The battery indicator light will switch from green to red to signify when the battery should be changed. (For instructions on how to change the batteries, please refer to page #6 of the instruction manual that accompanies this product.)
  • Water reservoir has indicator lines to notify users how much water they should add.

This Nebulizer Includes:

  • AC & DC adapters
  • Extension tube
  • Connector
  • Nasal piece
  • Adult mask
  • Children’s mask
  • 5 Reusable medication cups
  • Air Filter
  • Stand for nebulizer
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Camouflage carrying case


  • Particle size: 1-10 microns
  • Automatic shut-off: After about 10 minutes of non-use
  • Power: DC 12V + 2V (-1V)
  • Power consumption: Less than 10W
  • Ultra sonic frequency: 2.5 MHz + 200kHz (-100 kHz)
  • Nebulization: 3 adjustable speeds
  • Particle size: 1-10 microns size particles
  • Medicine cup capacity: Maximum 7.5 ml
  • Dimensions: 3 7/16” x 2 1/16” x 5 5/8”
  • Weight: 7.34 oz
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Limited 5 years

Some Tips and Precautions for Optimal Usage:

  • It is important to carefully read through and follow all instructions before operating and using this unit. Please follow and observe ALL instructions and precautions in order to avoid incurring personal injury or causing damage to the device.
  • Do not use this unit for more than 30 minutes at a time; wait at least 30 minutes between reuse.
  • Clean this nebulizer before its first use and after EVERY treatment. Please follow all cleaning instructions, which are located on page #4 of the instruction manual accompanying this unit.
  • For best results, use distilled water with this unit (although tap water can also be used). Never use solutions other than water in the reservoir, which could cause damage to the transducer.
  • Dense medications and medication volumes of 2 ml or less should be diluted with distilled water or a saline solution to obtain the ideal volume of at least 4 ml.
  • Only use water temperatures of between 68°F and 104°F (20°C and 40°C); using cooler water will cause lower nebulization rates and using warmer water will cause higher nebulization rates.
  • Keep the medication mist away from the eyes.
  • Stop use immediately if any discomfort or other abnormalities occur during treatment.
  • Keep this unit sitting on a flat surface during use, don’t tilt or shake the unit during operation.
  • Don’t open the cover to this unit during operation; doing so could cause a severe injury.


When you choose a nebulizer with an attractive kid-friendly design children will feel a little more comfortable and be more inclined to want to take their nebulizer treatments, whether they are at home, at a friend or relatives house, or even while they are at school. Order your camouflage unit today to help make nebulizer treatments a little more appealing to your child.

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