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Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder
Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder

Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder

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The Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder was specifically designed to hold an endotracheal tube (ET) securely in place in order to prevent the tube from accidentally being pulled out.  Made from lightweight, flexible materials with a Velcro strap to securely hold it in place. By reducing ET movement you will in turn help prevent tracheal irritation. And because this stabilock holder is designed for all skin types, the patient will now have a much lower risk for any skin irritation that could have resulted.


  • Features:
  • Made to prevent accidental extubation
  • Soft and comfortable on the face and neck
  • Fits endotracheal tube sizes 7.0 – 10.0 mm
  • Tubing channel is made of lightweight, flexible material to securely hold the endotracheal tube
  • Cushioned neckband
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro® closures provide a secure fit
  • Skin-friendly adhesive can be left in place up to 3 days
  • Gentile on all skin types
  • Includes biteblock
  • Latex-free
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Note: the adhesive base can be adapted for patients with facial hair by cutting off the rounded ends and applying to the patients' cheeks.

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